For The Love Of Yarn

I love to knit, and so obviously I love yarn.  I love looking at it, touching it, shopping for it, but most of all I just seem to love hoarding it.  I spend hours searching ravelry for new patterns, patterns I want to try right now, patterns I am going to try once my current batch of WIPs are finished, and patterns I will eventually try presumably sometime around the time hell freezes over.


I love knitting, I love being able to put my feet up and while listening to the backdrop of some random show on Netflix I can just knit away. For me, for other people, whatever I feel like. For that moment it is just me, a couple of needles and a skein of yarn. My happy place.

I am currently working on this cowl as my Christmas project and so far I am happy with it. It is an easy knit, quick, and coming along nicely.20161222_220718

Daily Prompt: Enthusiasm


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