Blackberry Hat

My crafty goals for 2017 are to get a little more creative by branching out and learning new skills and designing a few things.  The first for the year is my Blackberry Hat.

For this I used Patons Astra yarn and size 7 needles and it is worked flat on two needles. It is a fairly simple pattern and quick to knit up, it has a wide ribbed brim and lots of seed stitch, but I think it turned out well. It is warm and cozy, just what I needed.20170106_222212

Cast on 72 stitches.

K2P2 until brim measures 4 inches.

Seed stitch:

row 1 :K1P1

row 2: P1K1

repeat rows 1 and 2 for 2 inches.

To start decreasing:

row 1: *K6 K2tog* until end of the row

row 2: *K1P1*

row 3: *K5 K2tog*

row 4: *K1P1*

row 5: *K4 K2tog*

row 6: *K1P1*

row 7: *K3 K2tog*

row 8: *K1P1*

row 9: *K2 K2tog*

row 10: *K1P1*

row 11: *K1 K2tog*

row 12: *K1P1*

row 13: *K2tog*

bind off.




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