Goals For 2017

I generally hate making new years resolutions, which is probably why I have waited until we are 10 days in to January to make some.  Resolutions always seem so fickle to me, like someone asks what your resolution is, you panic and say something like no more cake.  If I say that I am going to give up cake, we both know that I’m lying. We both know that the second you leave I am going to go down to the store, get the first cake I see and then apologize profusely for even pretending to give up my one true love.  Not gonna happen.

But goals, I could get on board with a few goals for the new year.

  1. I want to spend more time cooking.  I eat out a lot, lots of take out, lots of fast food, lots of just running out and grabbing cake and peanut butter and calling it dinner. I am not proposing that I suddenly give up all fast food because that would be crazy.  And some days just require the peanut butter cake dinner.  But my goal for this year is to try 50 new recipes. That equals out to about one a week. I could handle that.
  2. I plan to visit 12 new coffee shops.  I have 2 that I currently frequent, but I think it could be fun to check out some new ones.  There are lots all over town that I have never even stepped inside so once a month I am going to visit one new one. And who knows, perhaps I will find a new favorite to frequent.
  3. Learn to crochet.  My first attempt was embarrassingly bad. My supposed dishcloth came out looking kind of like the sorting hat if the sorting hat was white with pink and brown splotches. I will keep going and at the end of the year I will have one finished crochet item.
  4. Try 5 new knitting techniques. I am a fairly new knitter and so there are lots of things I haven’t yet tried.  Whether it is a new stitch or an entirely new technique (cables) I will give 5 new things a try.






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