A Productive Sunday

Yesterday I wrote about my current pile of unfinished knits, well after a decently productive day I managed to get 3 of them finished.

My roommates both have man flu and so spent the entire day looking like a pair of beached whales. Slightly irritating but nevertheless it was the perfect excuse for a day spent watching movies.

First up was the All Girl Hat (named for the yarn -Patons All That Girl) which was only a few rows after the ribbed rim when I picked it up. To the backdrop of the Blair Witch remake (sequel?) I finished up this cheerful looking hat which I am gifting to my sister. It was a quick simple knit, just ribbing and garter stitch but I love the way the yarn turned out.


Next finished knit is the Raspberry Hat which I finished to the slightly creepy Lights Out (good movie, check it out). The hat itself is a little bit of garter stitch, little bit of seed stitch. It is a little too bright for me though, so I may end up having to gift it to someone with a slightly sunnier personality.


Final finished knit of the weekend was my Gingerbread Latte Cowl.  It uses Patons Metallic Orange and this pattern.  Finished against a background of The Conjuring 1 and 2 I finally got it done.  And I love it.


And not only did I finish the 3 out of 4 knitted projects I had set out to do, I also made some homemade potpourri. It was incredibly simple with my oven doing all the work, all I had to do was check on it occasionally. I used lemon and lime slices and the slices of a questionable looking grapefruit I found in my car after liberating it from my mom’s house several weeks ago.



via Daily Prompt: Marathon


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