Silver Drop Scarf and Latest Cast On

I currently have two active knits on the go (I know, I will be rectifying this shortly).  I am still working away at the silver drop infinity scarf using Patons Metallic in the pewter colorway. So far it is at about 10 inches in length so I still have a fair way to go, but I love the way it looks, it is just me experimenting a little with drop stitches and garter rows.


My newest cast on is something I am calling Purple Pillow and is using this pattern. I’m hoping to use up a few leftover skeins of various purple shades in this so it will either look amazing or like the most hideous thing on earth when it is done (who knows?)  I’m only a few rows into it right now, so doesn’t look too much like anything but hopefully that will change soon.20170119_141103

What are you working on right now?


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  1. Liz says:

    I love the drop stitches! I’ve made a couple of scarves with that technique. I’m just on the last few rows of my first Latvian mitten.


    1. I’m quite partial to the drop stitches too. The mittens sound like they will be gorgeous.

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