Our Tempestuous Day by Carolly Erickson

I have a huge soft spot for history so when I found this book at the second hand store a while back I knew I had to have it.

Our Tempestuous Day is a brief history of Regency England which reads more like a novel than a history book.  It covers everything from the monarchy and parliament, the aristocracy and the ordinary folk.  Filled with interesting stories about a sick king and the regent prince not to mention riots about stockings (stockings!) and the war against Napoleon at Waterloo.

The first chapter was quite dry which made it difficult to get through but once I made it past that hump it became much more interesting and therefore easier to read.

If you like history this is a good book, the gritty novel quality keeps it fresh and upbeat and makes it a fast and pleasant read. If you do get the chance check it out!


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