Bruschetta Chicken

A while ago I bought a seasoning mix for bruschetta, back when my friends first started with the home selling stuff, back when I would attend the parties and then basically scan the pamphlet for the cheapest item that I might actually find some kind of use for.  That was before everyone started selling lipgloss, face cream and god knows what else.

So I have had this jar for quite a while and barely have I ever used it.  It was back when I didn’t cook, not like occasionally didn’t cook, but lived on fast food didn’t cook.  So when I first bought this mix I would sprinkle a little on my pizza and feel oh so cool that I was jazzing it up.

Fast forward to the other night when my roommate and I are unpacking one of my boxes, he pulls out this jar and exclaims that we just gotta make this.  Now, I’m not really that into tomatoes, when I bought this stuff I had no intention of actually making the bruschetta I just kind of figured it would be semi decent on a slice of pizza (and it kind of was).  But as part of a meal I was interested.

Brush a chicken breast with balsamic vinegar, pile on a few diced tomatoes, add some mozzarella and the basil/oregano herb mix from the jar, bake for 45 minutes and we had bruschetta chicken.  We had ours with rice, but I think it would have been good with a salad too.


Brush with balsamic vinegar and add some diced tomatoes


Cover with grated mozzarella and sprinkle on the herbs


Bake at 350F for 45 minutes





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