The Whispering House by Rebecca Wade

I have to confess something. Yes, I did find this book in the children’s section of the library.  But I am kind of glad that I did.  It was actually pretty good.

The Whispering House is a ghost story mystery and has an interesting plot twist at the very end.


Hannah moves temporarily to an old Victorian house called Cowleigh Lodge.  It’s an old house filled with old long forgotten secrets.  She discovers that her new bedroom once belonged to an 11 year old girl named Maisie who died back in 1877 and Hannah sets out to discover the truth about how and why.  But nothing is that simple, the house starts reverting back to its old fashioned form, ghostly happenings are all around, and Hannah has to figure out why.

I found the whole thing to be a very easy read, only about 250 pages, short chapters that kept luring me in for just one more.  I’ll be honest in that I found the ending to be a little anticlimactic but I didn’t hate it either.

The inside cover suggests this book to 8 to 12 year olds but that is only a suggestion and it certainly didn’t keep me from having a bit of a scare. I always love a good ghost story and this was just the ticket for something quick and entertaining. I probably wouldn’t read this particular book a second time but I may have to pick up a copy for my sisters who I’m sure would love it.


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  1. I love ghost stories this sounds a good read


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