Dealing With Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede

My goodness, this is quite the read! It has everything that is usually found in a fairytale but so much more besides.  For starters, the main character Cimorene is a princess who desires to be anything but a princess and challenges her role and expectations at any given opportunity, seeking her own adventure and happy ending.


Unhappy with her arranged marriage to the rather pathetic Prince Therandil, Cimorene runs away and finds a place as a dragon’s princess (a perfectly respectable job for a princess while she sits and waits for a knight to come save her). But Cimorene has no interest in being rescued by a knight or anyone else and embraces her adventure.  Dragons, witches, wizards, jinns, and so much more.  This book takes references from the fairytales we grew up with and turns them on their head in this quirky adventure.

Dealing With Dragons has four books in the series, and I cannot wait to dive into book two.

If you like fairytales this one is a must to check out and who knows, maybe you will discover a new series to add to your shelves like I did.


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