Cheshire Cat Cowl

When I went looking for this particular project I set out to challenge myself, try something a little bit new.  I had some of the Patons Astra yarn in the All That Girl colorway and I wanted to use it up on something that wasn’t just another hat, I wanted a challenge.


What I found was this King Charles Brocade Cowl by Jayalakshmi and I immediately knew that was what I had had in mind.  And it was a challenge for me.  I usually do most of my knitting while watching movies with my roommates, I get fidgety if I don’t have something to occupy my hands so tv knitting is my go to activity. But this required a lot more attention and I found that the usual backdrop of some horror movie or other just wasn’t an effective way to get through this project.  But I persevered and by the fifth repeat of the 11 repeat pattern I had really gotten into the rythmn and was able to produce something that I think looks rather cool.

In Progress

I am still not completely sure that the variegated yarn I used is quite right for this particular design but the textural diamonds still show up and I like the result regardless. But if I make this cowl again I will most likely go for a more solid color or at least something with less color variation. I have a red with some black specks that might work well. Hmm, so many things to consider.


Now to cast on my next project!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Roxie says:

    lovely colors!


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