2017 Reading Challenge: March Update

I embarked on the reading challenge to try to find some new books, to shake up my usual taste and take me out of my reading comfort zone.  Hopefully finding some new favorites along the way.  Since I started this challenge in January, I have definitely stepped out of my comfort zone, I’ve picked up some books that I would normally never even look at, and to me that was what this challenge is about. Not necessarily reading 52 books, but explore more of the written world.  So while I may be making slow progress through this list, I feel like I am making huge progress in my quest for exploration.  And I have found one or two new favorites so in that I consider myself successful.

Dealing With Dragons turned out to be a fantastic read, something I never would have discovered if not for this endeavor and it introduced me to a whole series to add to my collection. The Whispering House introduced me to an entire section of the library I had previously ignored.  And in general, this whole challenge has reignited my passion for books and reading.


So, what have I checked off so far?

A book you own but never read: Our Tempestuous Day

A book that became a film: Water For Elephants

A book set in the place you live today: The Black Hour

A book set in a country you’ve never been to: The Whispering House

A trilogy or series: Dealing With Dragons

An author’s first book: The Mockingbirds


Are there any books you think I should check out? Anything you have read lately that you would recommend? I’m open to any and all suggestions.





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