As Above So Below (2014)

I am not a huge fan of found footage movies, I mean initially I kind of liked the concept but then for a while everything seemed to be a found footage thing and it became overdone. There is just something about the wobbly camera angles that I just don’t enjoy unless the movie is very good and the camera work has been done right.

That being said, I began As Above So Below with mediocre hopes.  Set in the catacombs of Paris it had an interesting premise but somehow never quite followed through.

The basic story is Scarlett (played by Perdita Weeks) is on a search for the philosopher’s stone which leads her to the catacombs of Paris.  Joined by her cameraman, an old friend, and two strangers she meets in a bar, they head beneath the streets.  Of course this is a horror movie so they eventually stumble upon the doorway to hell, and naturally they opt to go inside.  The story is long and drawn out and takes over an hour to actually reach hell.  Prior to that, there is very little of interest, the characters are barely interesting and I spent most of the movie just waiting for the good stuff to start.  The acting was okay, but with the storyline being pretty boring and characters who were not entirely likable it made it hard to care about them.

In short, I probably wouldn’t watch this one again.  It was just okay, not spectacularly good or absolutely terrible, just okay. Ultimately I like my horror movies to have a bit more grit to them, a semblance of a storyline and a few good scares, and this one just didn’t measure up.


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