Silver drop Infinity Scarf

I’ve been knitting quite a bit lately, I discovered the testing pool group on ravelry and have been working on quite a few projects by testing out patterns. It’s a lot of fun and slightly addictive, but since none of the patterns have been officially released I can’t really talk about them on the blog (stay tuned!). Makes it hard to talk about knitting on my somewhat sort of knitting blog.

But I did finish one other thing.  I’ve been wanting to expand my own wardrobe by knitting garments and accessories, and here I come with the silver drop infinity scarf.  I started it a while back (January I think) and finally got around to finishing it.  It’s a little shorter than the average infinity scarf, I always like the look of them but don’t like the bulk of the double wrap around my neck and find them too long to just not wrap them. This was a nice solution for something I want but doesn’t seem to be available in stores.  A single loop infinity scarf.

I’m stash busting since my two guy roommates nearly had an aneurysm when they saw how much yarn I actually come with.  I mean they have always known I knit, it was their idea I take the damn thing up in the first place, but 20 months ago when we first ventured into the craft store for supplies I came out with 2 pairs of needles and 4 skeins of yarn.  They watch me knit almost daily for that entire time but never quite clued in that I kept buying more as time went on. Let’s face it, guys can be pretty oblivious. Also I’m fairly sure I have enough yarn in my stash to last the apocalypse (bright side the 3 of us will be fashionably accessorized) so I decided it was time to work through the half a yarn store I had in my possession.



This scarf used 3/4 of a skein, combined with the Wine Drop Hat I made a while back that is a full one, and that is one skein closer to my goal of being able to enter the yarn store without supervision.  I used Patons Metallic in the pewter colorway, working through my more neutral colors first. You know, knitting is fun but looking at the pretty yarn is equally exciting and I’m determined to reach my goal.

Silver Drop is all drop stitch divided with variable amounts of garter stitch (mostly when I got bored of doing the garter row I would do a row of drop stitch and rinse and repeat until I decided it was long enough).


What are you working on right now?


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