Good Luck, Bad Luck, And A Little In Between

When I think about luck, good, bad, or otherwise, I think back to the day I met my two roommates, D and M.  They are my best friends, and if it is possible for a person to have two soulmates then these guys are definitely them.  We are crazy, dysfunctional, but whatever it is that we have going on, somehow it works.  I love these guys.

We met four years ago at a gas station.  I was newly 18, and driving cross country on my way to a hiking trip in the catskills.  Saying the words I met these two guys at a gas station is probably the beginnings of a very bad horror movie, but I digress, it happened that way anyway.  I was at a gas station in the middle of nowhere, fiddling with my engine, having completely ignored my uncle when he had shown me how to top up my oil.  There was one other car in that lot, so I went over and asked if they happened to know anything about cars and could they help me with this oil thing.  D is one of those guys that tries way too hard to be cool and fails because he just over tries, but he worked his magic on my car, we got talking about gas station snacks, figured out we were kind of heading to the same place and that was that. History was made.  Perhaps an advert for very bad life choices, heading off with two random guys, but there you go. We bonded over beef jerky and twizzlers.

I call it luck that I met D and M, it was pure coincidence that we met when we did.  Right gas station, right time and all that.  They are like the older brothers I never wanted, but I have no idea where I would be, or who I would be, without them.  They are my best friends, the family I choose to be with, and I love them more than anything.  It’s been four years, we embarked on the road trip of a lifetime – every state (except Alaska and Hawaii), we’ve seen every lame roadside attraction, we’ve been to every random museum we came across,  we’ve seen each other through relationships and breakups. I think it goes without saying that I would be truly lost without them.



Inspired by:Daily Prompt: Luck


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