The Boy (2016)

This movie was full of promise and good intentions and actually started out really well.  It had the right elements of creepy and had my attention from the start.  I have a soft spot for horror movies featuring dolls anyway so this one is admittedly right up my alley.

Greta (Lauren Cohan) starts a new job as a nanny to a boy named Brahms. However on arrival she is shocked to discover that Brahms is in fact a life size doll. Brahms’ mother and father appear not to notice this little detail and present Greta with a long to do list to meet Brahms’ needs.  The next morning Brahms’ parents head out to the water to kill themselves and leave an oblivious Greta as the doll’s new guardian.  Thinking this whole situation is a joke Greta sets herself up for what she assumes is a rather cushy gig , ignoring the creepy looking doll.  However when strange things start happening around the house the girl gives in the doll’s demands and events unfold from there.

This movie is definitely in keeping with the likes of Dead Silence and the Chucky franchise, and has an interesting and unexpected twist at the end.  I admit that I initially came away unsure about how I felt about the ending, at first I felt it anticlimactic and like I would have preferred something else, but thinking back I kind of like the direction that the plot took.  If you have the chance to check this one out then you definitely should.


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