Emelie (2016)

Emelie is what I guess could be described as a cautionary tale about babysitters.  Sarah Bolger (known for Tudors and Once Upon A Time) stars as Emelie, a woman who poses as a babysitter to three children – Jacob, Sally, and Christopher.  As the night goes on she becomes increasingly deranged and events unfold from there.  Emelie is more of a thriller than a horror, which is a bit of a relief given the harrowing events that occur.  Starting with the daughter’s hamster being fed to the pet snake it continues from there in increasingly creepy ways.

At first glance, the oldest child Jacob appears to be the ultimate problem child.  But as the situation develops he does an excellent job of really stepping up and protecting his younger siblings from the crazy who is wreaking havoc within his home.

I found Sarah Bolger’s performance in this to be really good.  I was drawn to her character even though I knew she was a terrible person and she played the character well.  I found the plot interesting too and the story developed at a fast enough pace to keep me following along while not being completely bored just waiting for something to happen.  I also thought that Joshua Rush who played oldest son Jacob did an excellent job too,  and this was one of those times where I kind of liked the ‘bad guy’ and the kids equally.

Ultimately I was happy with this movie, and I will definitely be watching it again sometime in the future.

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