The Stashbusting Blanket

Well that time has come, Yarnation has apparently taken on a life of its own (it’s possible the yarn stash might actually be growing when I leave the room – kind of like Toy Story but with yarn).  I am constantly buying and storing yarn to use on some eventual project that will apparently happen on some rainy day.  I can spend hours perusing ravelry, adding random projects and patterns to my ever growing queue, but we all know we just add to that queue, and I for one am never going to get to the end of it. But with every yarn store I pass more and more skeins find a new home in my Yarnation which has invaded every corner of my tiny apartment (which I do happen to share with two other people, who while support my love of all things yarn, do not love the fact that we now have a couple of skeins hanging out underneath our bathroom sink, or on top of the shelves that house our dvd collections).

So it appears it is finally time to actually use some of that yarn, but how?  The answer is a blanket, cast on 400 stitches and just keep knitting and see what happens.


It’s the therapeutic kind of knitting, just casting on and going for it. No pattern, no destination, just pure knitting.  It’s the perfect summer day project (at least until it gets too big to lug around), the boys like fishing,  I like knitting outdoors while they fish. Sitting on the deck with a drink and my knitting needles is  the perfect way to spend the long summer evenings.  Now just to see what it looks like as it goes on!



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